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Pelagornis - Facts and Figures

Pelagornis - Facts and Figures Name: Pelagornis (Greek for pelagic bird); pronounced PELL-ah-GORE-niss Habitat: Skies worldwide Historical Epoch: Late Miocene (10-5 million years ago) Size and Weight: Wingspan of 15-20 feet and weight of 50-75 pounds Diet: Fish Distinguishing Characteristics: Large size; long, tooth-studded beak About Pelagornis One of the enduring mysteries of natural history is why the flying prehistoric birds of the Cenozoic Era never quite matched the size of the pterosaurs, or flying reptiles, of the preceding Mesozoic. The late Cretaceous Quetzalcoatlus, for example, attained wingspans of up to 35 feet, about the size of a small planeso while the late Miocene Pelagornis, which lived about 55 million years later, was still impressive, its wingspan of only about 15 to 20 feet places it firmly in the runner-up category. Still, theres no overstating the size of Pelagornis compared to modern flying birds. This soaring predator was over twice the size of a modern albatross, and even more intimidating, considering that its long, pointed beak was studded with tooth-like appendageswhich would have made it an easy matter to dive into the ocean at high speed and spear a large, wriggling prehistoric fish, or perhaps even a baby whale. As a testament to this birds evolutionary fitness, various species of Pelagornis have been found all over the world; a new fossil unearthed in Chile is the biggest yet. So why couldnt prehistoric birds match the size of the biggest pterosaurs? For one thing, feathers are fairly heavy, and covering a larger surface area might have made sustained flight a physical impossibility. And for another, bigger birds would have had to nurture their chicks for longer periods of time before their hatchlings achieved maturity, which may have put an evolutionary brake on avian gigantism after Pelagornis and its relatives (such as the comparably sized Osteodontornis) went extinct, probably as a result of global climate change.

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English - Hazard Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

English - Hazard Communication - Essay Example The general public is relatively ignorant when it comes to information on hazardous chemicals. II. Description of the problem Manufacturers Chemical manufacturers and suppliers are at fault for failing to give adequate information to the public concerning the hazardous character of chemicals. This is despite the fact that, each and every chemical manufacturer is required by law to give sufficient information on the hazardous nature of chemicals. As a result, many people have suffered chemical accidents that have scarred their lives. The standard for hazard communication requires that information be made available, through material safety data sheets, training of employees and labeling of chemicals. Therefore, chemical manufacturers are required to document comprehensive literature on the hazardous nature of the chemicals they produce. Each chemical should have its name, synonyms, acronyms, Chemical Abstracts Services, as well as its chemical designation and substance composition. Inf ormation on substance composition should include active ingredients, inactive components, and impurities. In order to ensure that information on the hazardous nature of chemicals is easily comprehensible, manufacturers and exporters should also use texts and symbols. Employers and employees Most affected are employees working in chemical producing companies, who are oblivious of the hazards they are subjected to at the work place. This is the primary group that needs to have access to hazardous communication. This is because they come into contact with these chemicals on a daily basis, thus rendering them vulnerable to danger. Employers need to protect their employees from danger by conducting training programs on how to handle, transport, store, and dispose of hazardous substances. Once employees have access to such kind of information, they become increasingly aware of their rights, as well as how to best protect themselves. General public However, the general public should not be isolated, as they often come into contact with chemicals, and they deserve to know how to handle such chemicals. There have been numerous reports of people going health facilities to seek medical help after mishandling chemicals. Some chemicals have permanent effects on victims, for example carcinogenic chemicals. Public awareness needs to be conducted to prevent people from being harmed by these chemicals. III. Significance of inquiry It is the prerogative of manufacturers and suppliers to give adequate information concerning the hazardous nature of chemicals to target audiences. It is not humanly possible for employers to evaluate and document all the safety hazards a chemical can cause to its employees. Nevertheless, employees have the right to be informed of the dangers they are most likely to face, when they come into contact with these chemicals, as well as how they can protect themselves. However, this information is not always readily available, thus the essence of this pro posal, to champion for the rights of the public to be well-versed of the threats and risks of dealing with these chemicals. More needs to be done to ensure safety management is upheld in all areas concerning chemical handling. This will in turn, lead to a significant reduction in the number of people suffering from chemical related problems. IV. Relevance statement The

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Ch 40 dis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Ch 40 dis - Essay Example No doubt free market economy reaps free trade benefits, businesses, and consumers the consumers as well. These have been classified into four main areas a) agreements between competitors b) contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers c) maintenance of monopoly power and d) mergers (West’s Encyclopedia of American Law 1997). The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 is the focal point for antitrust law which subsequently followed by the other States of the United States of America. The congress addressed the weaknesses of given acts and amended it accordingly. In this respect, we may refer the acts of Clayton Act of 1914 and the Robinson-Patman Act of 1936. The efforts of the Congress with regard to enforcement of law are highly appreciated. It should be taken into account the ongoing analysis influenced by economic, intellectual, and political changes. The U.S. Supreme Court has had the leading role in shaping up and applying these laws (West’s Encyclopedia of American Law 1997). Since the association of bakeries is responsible for creating monopolistic environment and raising the retail price of bread from 75 cent to 85 cent at their own whims and fancies, hence found violating and negating the antitrust

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How Should I Start My College Essay - Its Easy!

How Should I Start My College Essay - It's Easy!Many of you, or even you will come across this question and one of the reasons it may be asked is because of the difficulty in getting an idea as to how should I start my college essay. Even if you are a writer, you might not even know what to do.Writing a college essay can be done through memorization or by composing as well as organizing and presenting ideas. Well, what are some of the ways to do these tasks? Below is the list of tips that you can consider in order to come up with a good College essay.First of all, when you are trying to figure out how should I start my college essay, the first thing you need to realize is that an essay should tell a story. In other words, to create a rich and meaningful piece of work, you need to give a certain amount of information to the reader so that he can come to the conclusion that your idea is well-written and valuable.As you write, try to place emphasis on the sentences, paragraphs, and even the sentence structure so that you make a strong argument that will make the reader believe in your ideas. At the same time, you should always maintain correct grammar and spelling to make sure that your work is done in accordance with academic standards.The next important tip is to make the story known in order to convince the reader and let him/her imagine himself/herself as a part of it. For example, you need to start with the big picture and then proceed to the smaller details that are not easily identified and described by just writing one or two sentences.In order to have a good college essay, you also need to have a great sense of personal style. Remember that each person has his/her own style and way of doing things. Therefore, it would be wise to change your style and let it reflect in your writing.In order to understand how should I start my college essay, the second most important thing you need to understand is the importance of summarizing the important points that wer e put forth in the entire essay. This is usually done by using a concise method of summarizing. By doing this, you will not only make the reader think about what you wrote but also use a few words to make a thorough reading.

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The Process of Writing an ADHD Research Paper

The Process of Writing an ADHD Research PaperHaving ADHD research paper is a good thing, as it allows you to outline your findings and develop a detailed outline of the findings. It is an important step in developing a better understanding of the topic, as you will need to see where your ideas are successful and where they are not.When writing an ADHD research paper you will need to first sit down and determine what sort of findings you would like to have. Once you have decided, then it is time to choose your research questions. How will you know what is of interest to you in the findings you have collected?The research papers will need to be well structured so that you can actually have a picture of what you will find when you begin to write your paper. Once you have written the research paper, then you will need to lay out the outline of the conclusions.You may need to revise your ADHD research paper until you feel that it is actually correct and that it gives you the best conclusi ons that are feasible. Having a well written ADHD research paper is essential to seeing the results you want.You will have to make sure that you decide on a control group. If you make your ADHD research paper only looking at children with ADHD then you will not be able to see the results of the change to ADHD in adults. You may also not be able to control for other variables that could affect the results.There is quite a bit of information in the ADHD research paper that can change your world view. Often you will need to sit down and decide whether or not the treatment you are recommending is the best one. It is also important to consider the severity of your case, as you will not be able to help a smaller group with a treatable problem.As you get into the details of the ADHD research paper, you will need to decide how many patients you are going to treat with the control group. Most studies are limited to only a specific group, but there are times that it is very difficult to find a control group. In some cases you will need to treat multiple patients with the control group, which is always going to be expensive and takes a lot of time.

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Top Choices of Advertising Research Paper Topics

Top Choices of Advertising Research Paper Topics Accordingly, the job of advertising various groups of the people is also different. Its final value as an advertising media remains to be viewed. The most recent trend, the cell advertising campaigns have come to be remarkably popular with the increase in the use of cellular phones throughout the world. It lays an important role in reaching the target audience effectively and contributes to the increase in business. Another thing to take into account is time as soon as the information was released. When you decide on a specific topic, step one is to develop into an authority in the area. Thus, it's important to read corresponding formatting guide. Attempt to consider the problem you're interested in exploring. Whatever They Told You About Advertising Research Paper Topics Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why Conventional media are also afflicted by a long-term trend toward promotional expenditures consuming a bigger share of the a dvertising budget. The effect of Apple on the world culture may be an instance of how advertising can manipulate the consciousness of an entire society with the target of introducing new services and products to win an immense audience. To create the advertising campaign successful, it is essential to take into consideration certain elements of culture, not forgetting about the mentality and traditions of the nation. It is an essential component of mass culture, which is primarily aimed at the entertainment of people. Top Advertising Research Paper Topics Choices Whether you've experienced writer's block and can't make up an eye-catchy topic for your assignment or simply want to obtain an idea about what a very good research paper topic should look like, we'll provide you a hand and help you decide on the most suitable topic to elaborate on in your paper. So in case you have no idea about what subject has to be chosen, you are pleased to know the fact connected with the propos al itself and its parts. If you're writing about social problems, you will usually be writing about the way the topic affects larger groups of people, including how poverty affects a whole generation. It's possible to also tell us that you require top-quality typical small business research topic examples and we're going to respond in a professional way. Finding Advertising Research Paper Topics on the Web Outbound marketing employs traditional notion of buying customer's interest. All the inbound marketing will come from the group of internal advertising group and it doesn't require any considerable investment to advertise our product or company. Top Advertising Research Paper Topics Choices Furthermore, ways that can be used to guarantee maximum effect of advertising is going to be pointed out. Marketing through social networking proves to be somewhat effective as the reach on the social networking sites is significantly higher now. Now with the online rage among all the individuals, it's vital for the business units to stay informed about the developing inbound and out bound marketing concepts. In addition, the association between using misleading advertisements and trust will likewise be established and discussed. There are a lot of ways to call certain things. Make certain you review a couple term paper examples before you get started working on your paper. The paper demands lots of effort and time from you. Naturally, everything sounds very uncomplicated and interesting, but if you get started working on your research paper, you face lots of challenges. Finding history paper research topics is only one of the things which will take up a number of your time. Following are the few of the ideal research proposal topics that will assist the students to begin on the dissertation. Quality is perhaps the most essential element to look at when one is seeking to purchase research paper. Choice of research topic is the fundamental and significant part research file, thesis or dissertation. Want to Know More About Advertising Research Paper Topics? Very good custom writing services will endeavor to employ the best writers in the company. Don't forget that marketing strategies change too fast, so combine them with the newest marketing trends and you'll write an ideal research paper! With the advent of Internet, it revolutionized all the traditional marketing concepts. A thriving business must exhibit conformity with the necessary minimum ethical standards if its intention is to develop into a prime business enterprise. Nevertheless, cultural elements of advertising are reflected in all parts of the human sphere of activity. Cultural traditions and customs impose an imprint on the invention of advertising, because they have specific facets and norms. Our exp erts will contact you and deliver the ideal assistance. Researching any issue about government or laws can get overwhelming because of the intricacy of the issues and even due to the wording of some laws. Studies have not shown a very clear relationship between the degree of wisdom and the attitude to advertising. Apparently, you'll have an intriguing topic that will capture the interest of the readers and allow you to accomplish your research objectives. A great deal of students have a tendency to undermine the writing procedure and leave for the past few days. There are quite a lot of things which must be considered before final collection of the research topic. Sponsors try to discover through find out more about the kinds of values that will persuade the audience to purchase their merchandise. Try us now and you'll never regret! Always keep in mind that the success of your research is dependent on it. If you're confused with a number of interesting topics to research o nline, it's much better to choose what interests you the most. Hence it's utmost important to choose the job of the brand we wish to get out in the Market. Marketing is a procedure for attracting customers to buy the item or service or a company. Customer feedback also sometimes assists the companies in analyzing certain trends among the consumers and the businesses might secure a hint to switch the technology or other elements to create much better quality solutions. New Ideas Into Advertising Research Paper Topics Never Before Revealed If you're looking to produce the very good essay on microeconomics topics by yourself, the very first place you should search is the internet. Developing the very best sample tips for an advertising research paper topic could be challenging. You would like a focused topic that will produce a superior paper. At times you might require some expert help with argumentative essay topics.

Buying Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers

Buying Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers The introductory paragraph is perhaps the most significant paragraph in the essay as it is the very first and possibly last opportunity to generate an effect on the reader. Unity at the beginning of every sentence in a paragraph, there needs to be a thesis to serve as a guide to the idea you're going to expound. Students should have the ability to a provide an affordable solution or refute objections in every single paragraph. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers It's possible for you to order a well-written model essay on the site to have more thorough understanding of the general rules of academic writing and the correct paper structure and format. Writing an effective introduction can be rough. There's a conclusion paragraph outline that is relevant to all genres of writing essays. You're able to find out more about essay structure HERE. Definitions of Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers The topic is remodeling your house. Be aware that what constitutes a superb introduction might vary widely based on the sort of paper you're writing and the academic discipline in which you're writing it. Your introduction is a significant road map for the remainder of your paper. Correct all errors that you are able to spot and enhance the total caliber of the paper to the best of your ability. If you would like to succeed, it's a great notion to consider about results well beforehand. The usage of affect method to influence or change while the usage of effect usually means the outcome. Having evidence isn't enough. Writing a conclusion is a huge opportunity to provide a larger context of the discussed subject. Although its primary aim is to convey your thoughts and arguments, the kind of your essay is at least as critical as the contents. The very first sentence employs the verb began, signaling he is moving to a different subject, or a new chapter in his story. Any sentence which is not furthering my thesis is distracting from it and should be taken off. You might also re-write your topic sentences if you see they're not linked to the subject. On the flip side, topic sentences allow the reader know what's going to be discussed in a specific paragraph or section of your essay. By contrast, they define the general issue you talk about in one single paragraph. It isn't too simple to compose an outstanding topic sentence, but you are going to learn how to compose decent topic sentences for several essays. A topic sentence has become the most important sentence in a paragraph. The topic sentence demands that student plan what they're attempting to prove in the paragraph till they draft. The topic sentence is a sentence that's used at the launch of a paragraph to inform the reader what it's that you're going to be speaking about in that paragraph. A strong topic sentence ought to be placed at or close to the launch of a paragraph. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers Going through various examples of paragraphs is fantastic for your proficiency in writing as you will know when to apply the various kinds of paragraphs. The variety of body paragraphs is dependent upon the depth of research. To ensure your paragraph is finished, always utilize as many support sentences as possible. The body paragraphs aren't restricted to a specific number. Adhere to the statements you have made in the past paragraphs. Several sources online can lead you on the right sort of paragraphs to utilize in various essays. If you challenge assumptions, then you have to explain why they don't hold up. The Fundamentals of Good Topic Sentences for Paragraphs Research Papers Revealed Thesis statements enable the reader understand what the purpose of your whole essay will bethey focus on your primary idea. All of the primary points ought to be concisely mentioned in the preview. It's also advisable to avoid introducing new elements in the last section of your work, as it might distract the reader from the principal point. The primary purpose of topic sentences is to tell the reader what they're likely to learn about in the paper they're going to read. There is an assortment of categories of words based on your topic and academic level. When questioned, students discover that studying online may be a lonely and unsatisfying experience. Res earch indicates there is a growing number of overweight children in the developed world and that there's a link between the period of time spent in front of screens and being overweight. Much research was done into how folks learn languages and what kind of individuals learn languages most successfully. You also have to consider whether the paper is argumentative, analytical, or among the other types. Be ready that you can want to write more than 1 draft or revise your paper many times. Your papers must present your initial perspective. Some papers may need an abstract.